Kitty Northrop Friedman

Philanthropy Advising


Meet Kitty, a talented philanthropy advising consultant and coach renowned for her ability to create powerful connections between people and impactful causes across the sector. As a 21/64 Certified Advisor, she has honed her craft in collaborating with families, individuals, organizations, foundations, and teams to align philanthropic priorities and forge elevated giving strategies that leave a lasting mark. Kitty is a trusted partner, skilled at working with professional advisors and teams to create a meaningful philanthropic experience.

Kitty's roots in philanthropy run deep, having worked extensively with donors and organizations, skillfully leading development teams and fundraising efforts. Her recent tenure as Vice President of Philanthropy at Park City Community Foundation exemplifies her skill in growing comprehensive fundraising programs, attracting a wealth of resources, expanding donor engagement, and amplifying the voices of the community's needs.

Throughout her career, she has held various leadership positions, including serving as the Director of Philanthropy for The Girl Scouts of Utah and at both Green Mountain Valley School and Ethel Walker School. Before immersing herself in the nonprofit sector, Kitty began her career as a Holland and Knight LLP litigation associate.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kitty is a fervent advocate for community engagement, lending her time and leadership to numerous local and national boards. Her current roles include board memberships at the Boys Club of New York, Burke Mountain Academy, Utah Donor Collaborative, and two foundations, in addition to her advisory board position at Bright Futures in Park City and volunteer leadership for her alma mater, Bates College.

In the beautiful backdrop of Park City, alongside her husband, Peter, Kitty embraces the art of empty-nesting while cheering on their three children as they embark on their journeys. An avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, she thrives when biking, running, and trying to understand the complexities of triathlon.

With an unwavering dedication to empowering transformative impact, Kitty aspires to inspire others to join her in creating a world where meaningful giving drives systemic change.