Phyllis Hockett

Founder and Strategic Advisor

Phone 866-306-0699

bio phyllis

Phyllis Hockett has almost thirty years of experience in fundraising and her clients have raised over $260 million. She specializes in strategic planning, board development, fundraising, and capital campaign planning and implementation. Hockett views her work with nonprofits as a means of supporting positive change in communities by providing organizations with distinctive, sophisticated tools to ensure institutional sustainability.

She received her Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Utah and is a cofounder of Pathway Associates. Hockett is an active volunteer in the Salt Lake City community, serving on the board of directors of the Girl Scouts of Utah, Academy for Nonprofit Excellence and the University of Utah Continuing Education Commission, among other prominent boards including past board service with the Utah Nonprofits Association and Utah Food Bank. An accomplished teacher and lecturer, Hockett has taught for ten years in the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence at the University of Utah.

Phyllis Hockett is also a dedicated philanthropist, and believes in the transformative power of generosity – the generosity of volunteers and of donors. Her philosophy of nonprofit sustainability is founded on the principle of abundance and the enormous potential that generosity holds for our world and the nonprofit organizations that serve it