Marianne Downing

Board and Organization Development


bio marianne

Marianne Downing has more than 23 years of experience working internationally in the nonprofit sector, specializing in organizational development. She has assessed and provided recommendations for improvements for more than 140 nonprofit organizations. Examples of results of her recommendations included assisting a nonprofit with almost $1 million in debt to becoming financially solvent and another nonprofit using her report to increase their funding by 30%.

As the co-owner of a consultancy firm, Marianne completed in-depth evaluations of health programs such as Smoke-free, Immunization Coordination and Problem Gambling programs in New Zealand. She is certified in the process of Outcome Mapping©, an approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation that is participatory and that defines outcomes as changes in behavior.

Marianne was part of an international committee to expand LDS Family Services into France, Switzerland and Belgium, with specific responsibility for the West of France. Marianne has served in a voluntary capacity on many boards and in other ways in a variety of nonprofits in New Zealand, France and in the United States and is currently serving on the Board of Big Ocean Women in Utah.

Marianne has a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Canterbury, has a post-graduate certificate in Counseling and a certificate in Board consulting from BoardSource©.