Find your way to a sustainable, effective, and strategic development program

Fundraising is a critical piece of many nonprofit revenue models, and a strong development program can be essential in providing resources to help an organization achieve its mission. Unfortunately, far too many nonprofits struggle with fundraising for a variety of reasons – high staff turnover, inexperience and/or discomfort with fundraising, lack of planning, unrealistic expectations, failure to adapt to new opportunities – to name a few! Pathway has worked alongside nonprofits of all sizes for over twenty years, and we created Pathfinder as a practical solution to strengthen your organization’s fundraising function.

Pathfinder is a customized program that involves sustained, focused work with our team of experienced fundraisers to assess your current development operation; create a focused, actionable annual development plan to help you reach your revenue goals; and provide coaching to help you put your plan in motion. Central to Pathfinder is a focus on major gifts fundraising; we work to meet you where you are in your major gifts efforts and create a plan to supercharge your program. Pathfinder includes:


  • Deep dive into Pathway’s twelve-point development program checklist, for a close look at every element of your fundraising operation
  • Donor data analysis
  • Collateral examination of organizational materials used to engage the public and tell your story

Planning and Coaching

Following the assessment our team will put together a customized plan that includes:

  • Creation of an annual fundraising plan with core strategies, tactics, and benchmarks
  • Regular coaching for your team
  • Board Training/Activation


  • Assessment findings and data analysis
  • Annual development plan
  • Strategic development priorities
  • Board of Directors training (customized)
  • Professional development guide

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