Leadership Development

Strong leadership is at the heart of sustainable organizations that thrive even under challenging circumstances. Let us coach you to improve your skills and hone in on your talents.

Coaching for Executive Directors & Development Professionals

approach4Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting a new career, Pathway Associates understands the unique challenges you face as a leader of your organization. Let us help you with problem-solving and serve as your informed resource for those troubling and challenging situations that confront nonprofit directors and development professionals.

You will have access to your executive coach by email and telephone. In addition, your coach will schedule an hour-long monthly meeting to confer with you and your agency's board chair about current or pendingconcerns your agency may be facing. All counseling and conversations are strictly confidential.

Board Development

Great boards support great organizations. From training to facilitation of retreats to problem solving, Pathway provides a depth of experience not only from the practitioner perspective, but from the staff and baord member perspective as well.

Staff Development & Team Building

The development of effective boards is a constant topic in nonprofit management, but the development of strong staff teams receives relatively little attention, despite its enormous importance to mission success. Nothing derails operational effectiveness more powerfully than distracting workplace politics, teams that lack trust and cohesion, and the high turnover that results from inattention to healthy organizational behavior.

"It's been a team effort and I am grateful for your gifts and guidance throughout this successful effort. It is truly a privilege to serve in an organization that inspires the generosity of so many people over all these years."

Bob Agoglia, Executive Director
Insight Mediation Society

As the staff leader, it is easy to believe there is nothing you can do to change the human dynamics of your workplace, but you are not helpless in the face of staff tensions and disappointing performance.

If you are struggling with an expensive and exhausting staff dysfunction, you probably know that a ropes course is not going to be the solution. It may be time to invest in a different kind of offsite retreat experience for staff satisfaction and development.

Succession Planning

Over the next decade, the nonprofit sector will hire nearly 80,000 new leaders annually, due to the retirement of Baby Boomer executives and growth in both the size of the sector and the complexity of the management skills required. At the same time, most nonprofits will lack the bench strength to fill vacancies from within, and the board itself will be obliged to step in to manage the leadership vacuum.

Pathway offers a menu of services to a board of directors facing an executive vacancy – either a vacancy that is planned and anticipated or, as is much more common, one that is sudden and unexpected.

Although an executive search is one of the most satisfying and significant tasks a board will ever undertake, it is also exceptionally demanding in time, expertise, and logistics, and the failure rate can be quite high. Pathway will assist with any task from the creation of a simple Emergency Succession Plan to the facilitation of the board’s critical work in selecting its next staff leader.

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