Government Consulting

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Pathway Associates consultants are experts at helping government agencies find paths to the future and raise private funds to make large public projects a reality.  In fact, we’ve established a separate division, Public Private Resource Associates, for this very purpose.

Community Needs Assessments

A well researched community needs assessment can provide government and nonprofit leaders with valuable information about the nature of the needs of the communities they serve.

Results can be used to help design new programs and services, promote collaboration between service providers, and justify grant requests for new facilities and equipment. Pathway Associates is highly experienced in conceptualizing and conducting community needs assessments. Using key informant interviews, focus groups, internet surveys and other research techniques, your Pathway consultant can help you hone in on those critical needs which will require the most attention in the coming years.

Strategic Planning


Government agencies can respond to resource issues, cope with challenges and opportunities, formulate desirable strategies and implement them effectively all while retaining a firm focus on mission – this is the crux of the value of strategic planning. We provide process support and facilitation for board and staff strategic planning.

Naming Rights Marketing Programs

In today’s political environment, public funds for cultural amenities are often inadequate. Public Private Resource Associates can help visionary government leaders tap into private, charitable dollars for major public amenity projects. Our process begins with a naming rights market analysis, then proceeds through the development of a naming rights marketing program that includes pricing, materials and gift solicitation. 

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