Capacity Building

approach2Capacity often dictates how well we fulfill our mission and serve our constituents. From Strategic Plans that help organize us around specific objectives to Board Development, building capacity is like building opportunities for growth.

Strategic Planning

Nonprofits can respond to resource issues, cope with challenges and opportunities, formulate desirable strategies and implement them effectively all while retaining a firm focus on mission – this is the crux of the value of strategic planning. We provide process support and facilitation for board and staff strategic planning.

Organizational Audits

To increase your capacity to meet organizational goals, the Pathway audit team conducts an assessment of current organizational systems and practices. Using our team's diverse expertise, we holistically focus on your organizational strengths and limitations in all operational areas that affect your ability to set and reach achievable goals.

The culminating written audit report contains a wealth of information and suggestions on how to build organizational capacity. It outlines a path of best practices tied to meeting your goals and presents action-based recommendations for mitigating areas of concern and barriers to your organization's future growth.

Membership Programs

Pathway Associates will help you develop a community that supports your mission and builds resources.

Membership is an often underutilized yet critical element in an organization's sustainability. Pathway Associates will help you develop a member-based smart community that supports your mission and builds resources. Our services include:

  • Analyzing and clarifying your current program
  • Identifying community-building best practice models and strategies applicable to your organization
  • Goal setting that ties current reality to specific desired outcomes for an improved, vibrant membership program, and establishing an action plan that meets your goals, attracts new members, keeps current members, and increases member giving and involvement

Our goal is your increased capacity with a committed and generous member community.

Community Needs Assessments

A well researched community needs assessment can provide government and nonprofit leaders with valuable information about the nature of the needs of the communities they serve.

Results can be used to help design new programs and services, promote collaboration between service providers, and justify grant requests for new facilities and equipment. Pathway Associates is highly experienced in conceptualizing and conducting community needs assessments. Using key informant interviews, focus groups, internet surveys and other research techniques, your Pathway consultant can help you hone in on those critical needs which will require the most attention in the coming years.

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