What Is the Post-COVID Future of Fundraising Events?

By Debbie Mintowt-Czyz

With events still a key component in a nonprofit portfolio, we all wonder, ‘how will they look in 2021?’ But although we now operate in a fundraising world that is less predictable than ever, some things are certain, and should be made a part of the planning process:

  • Most events will contain a virtual element. Whether incorporating an online silent auction or combining virtual with in-person attendance, a hybrid fundraising event will likely become the norm.
  • Preparation and strategy will be as key to success as ever. But moving forward, contingency and backup plans will also need to be in place in ways that they weren’t in the past.
  • Perhaps most of all, nonprofits will need to have access to tech-savvy support in order to meet the ever-changing trends in today’s online fundraising. This past year forced a higher level of digital interaction than ever before, and as such, organizations must be prepared to leverage technology on an ongoing basis in order to market effectively and efficiently, maximize revenue, process payments, and recognize donors.  

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