Self-Reliance and Storytelling

By Marianne Downing

All around us we hear people expressing the hope that 2021 will be “different” than the difficult year that was 2020. However, unrest continues, COVID cases continue at high levels and many of us are still living lives largely in physical isolation from each other. While we have become adept at Zoom and other video conferencing techniques, they are no substitution for physical human connection.

What can each of us do to support ourselves and our staff to weather the ongoing struggle? The usual methods for support need to be supplemented, granting us more emotional self-reliance until a “return to normal”, whatever that might look like. A surprising method for enhancing emotional self-reliance is storytelling. Several studies have found similar, positive results for the role of storytelling. Take a look at the following article that describes the benefits. It does not restrict the benefit to telling family stories to our children but includes the advantages of telling stories in our communities, in our board rooms and among our staff.

See the article here.

We invite you to explore ways to share stories with each other of successes and difficult moments, of humorous anecdotes and of our respective histories. If you have a particularly good story, share it with us and we will publish it to share with many others.

Share your story.