The Centered Self Project: A Collection of Resources

From the Stanford Social Innovation Review and a variety of partners, Centered Self: The Connection Between Inner Wellbeing and Social Change is worth following for its thought-provoking content and belief that in order to do our work as nonprofit leaders well, we must be well. As the introduction to the series highlights:

Leaders of social change and others actively engaged in building a healthy and just society face unique challenges that often take a deep personal toll. Many work at the center of social problems, often in chronically under-resourced or highly stressful environments that don’t allow for self-reflection or self-care. As a result, they experience problems such as burnout, serious health issues, and breakdowns in relationships.

While addressing these personal challenges is important in and of itself, there is also growing evidence that personal well-being lies at the heart of effectively addressing systemic social challenges. There is also growing interest in how individuals, funders, and organizations can support greater well-being in themselves and across the field.

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