Pathway Pays it Forward: Women of the World

Paying it forward recognizes the gratitude we feel for what has come our way, and the compassion we have for those in need. We’re all in this together, and we are energized by  innovative ideas that continue to inspire us all. During this time of hardship, our Pathway team is lifting up nonprofits throughout the region who are adapting in innovative ways - whether through new ways of service delivery, creative fundraising or other revenue generating ventures, smart operational adjustments, or  any other brilliant ideas! We will feature one nonprofit in each of Pathway’s monthly newsletters, and the featured nonprofit will receive a $250 donation from Pathway. Nominate an organization who inspires you by sending an email to with the organization’s name and a few lines about their innovative adaptations.

This edition’s Pay it Forward recipient is: Women of the World

Women of the World supports forcibly displaced women through customized service, economic empowerment, and community building. The COVID-19 global pandemic has disproportionally impacted their clients due to their economic class, their employment (which is largely in the hotel, restaurant, retail, and service sectors that were most impacted by the economic downturn), and their enhanced need to find a community of other women with shared experiences. Women of the World  refocused their efforts in 2020 to meet the most immediate needs of their clients, putting larger strategic priorities on hold. They have started using a hybrid of phone, Zoom, and limited in-person meetings to support clients, who are working to overcome traumas from their displacement, escape domestic violence, share their hardships in parenting, or to simply practice their English.