The Elements of Effective Financial Reports

  • Are your financial reports easy to read?
  • Do they communicate critical information about the operations of your organization?
  • Do they provide actionable information for your program and development teams?
  • Do they provide actionable information for your board?

They don’t? Let us assist you in developing financial reporting tools which will change the way you understand, manage, and report your organization’s finances.

The Nonprofit Quarterly published an article in spring 2016 on Models and Components of a Great Nonprofit Dashboard, focusing on the financial components of a dashboard rather than the programmatic ones. Successful dashboards do the following:

  • Align definitions of success across the organization;
  • Encourage dialogue about progress toward goals;
  • Facilitate timely identification of successes and challenges;
  • Ground decisions in concrete data and evidence; and
  • Illuminate relationships between different activities.

Learn more about selecting dashboard elements, business model drivers, and creating and implementing dashboards in the full article below.

See the article.