The Long Game and Big Ears – Listening Your Way to Success

By Amy Hansen

Building relationships with donors takes time. Major gifts fundraising also requires patience and the ability to develop rapport. Everyone wants money NOW, but major gifts fundraising works well only when an investment can be made in long-term cultivation and stewardship with donors.

So how do you start building and growing your relationship with your donors? Amy Einsenstein reminds us that listening is key. The attached article provides a great list of open-ended questions you can ask to learn more about what is important to your donors. Ensuring that your donors joyfully give continuously over time is about a shared journey, and not a single destination. Take the time to enjoy the journey and your fellow travelers.

As fundraisers, our main job is to help donors realize THEIR dreams of making a difference in the world. How will we know their dreams if we don’t know them?

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