Great New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members

By Julie DeLong

As volunteers for your organization, your Board members have done their level best to balance their board responsibilities while fulfilling business expectations and meeting personal family obligations as well. The New Year can be a great time to hit the reset button and focus on resolutions to remember this year. In her new article Gail Perry offers 10 practical resolutions for Board members.

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Building A Strong Board of Directors

Now let’s take a look at the bigger picture - - There are two critical things that nonprofit leaders need to keep in mind in setting expectations around the nonprofit board of directors. First, recruit an effective Board Development Committee. Second, create and follow a strategy for board recruitment that makes sense for your organization.

Recruiting the right people for the Board Development Committee will take time and intentional work to complete and should be a project of the Executive Committee and the Executive Director. The Board Development Committee will drive strategy for the entire organization well into the future because they are driving the membership and make-up of the board. When you get the right people working on it the results will pay off ‘in dividends’, as they say. Your committee should be influencers with a strong community network and reputation who currently serve on the board, have previously served on the board, or in an advisory role.

Now that you have the right people on the Board Development Committee the next thing needed is an intentional collective strategy. Gone are the days when anyone that asks is offered a board position. Look carefully at the positions needed to fill the ‘gaps’ of the current Board. What should be strengthened in order to accomplish strategic goals in the next 3 to 5 years? Many organizations use a matrix to identify specific qualities of those targeted for Board service. Sometimes the strategic plan has outlined these needs. BoardSource has an article about  envisioning the ideal board.  The process should be a year-round effort so that new members are ready as your timeline requires.

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Best of luck in building a great Board of Directors to effectively support your mission-driven work. Give Pathway Associates  a call for assistance with strategic planning, board development, sustainable fundraising, and more. Our team of consultants is dedicated to serving nonprofit organizations in our community.