Storytelling and Social Media

By Katherine (Kat) Potter

Every nonprofit organization has a story to tell, and we know that when we can sit down and communicate that story, that will often "seal the deal" on a major philanthropic donation or sponsorship. It's not always enough, however, to simply tell our story - we must find a way to connect that story. How does our story intertwine with the story of a specific foundation, corporation, or individual donor? We need to listen, to understand, and then to align our two organizations - and then to convey that alignment through a one-on-one conversation.

In today's digital world, however, we don't always have an opportunity for that personal conversation. How do we use social media, websites, and even multi-media presentations at events to tell our story in a clear, compelling, and aligned way? Digital marketing strategist Julia Campbell shared this article on her blog that may give some insight on how to use social media, a seemingly-impersonal medium of communications, to deliver a meaningful message to prospective donors.

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