Avoid Miscommunication

By Monica Rafferty

"A Development Director found a magic lamp. A genie appeared and offered one wish. The DD said, “I wish for one million dollars to support my organization.” Done, said the genie, come to your office tomorrow, and it’ll be there. Next day, she came to the office, and when she opened the door, three million binder clips fell out. “What the heck!” she said to the genie, “I asked for one million dollars!” Yes, said the genie, but you didn’t specify that it couldn’t be in-kind…" nonprofitaf.com

We can all identify.

You have an impromptu opportunity to speak with a potential donor. Afterwards you second guess yourself, asking why you didn't say more about this or less about that. And the opportunity ends in miscommunication.

Whether you are giving a one-minute elevator pitch, or a full-blown proposal, every non-profit organization should have a consistent, concise explanation of its specific mission, donation objectives and anticipated outcomes. So that when the opportunity arises, people with the real money can make a solid decision and give some of it to you.

The following article from Forbes Magazine gives great advice for avoiding miscommunicating and achieving clarity in all your communications. Here's to making wishes come true!

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