Speaking Out is Scary!

By Julie DeLong

The nonprofit community is asking important big picture questions as politics of the day continue to cause concern. One of the most challenging issues right now is the possible repeal of the Johnson Amendment that was passed in 1954 and limits political activities of non-profit organizations. There is some information available here and at a website called Give Voice that focuses on protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship.

You likely have colleagues, clients, volunteers, board members, and donors who have strong feelings that cross the political divide. As a community sector leader, you must tread lightly; BUT who is responsible to speak out on behalf of our staff, clients, and community?

If your organization needs to move away from neutral and set some clear boundaries on the policy and advocacy end we encourage you to find your voice. Blue Avocado featured a thoughtful article by Alyson Weiss called Finding Your Voice as a Nonprofit and offers some helpful links to more information on the topic.