On Gratitude in our Relationships

By Julie Delong

As I began preparing this article I reflected on how grateful I am to have so many terrific people in my life. These relationships make me feel a significant level of gratitude for them and their accomplishments. It turns out there is scientific proof that practicing gratitude brings numerous physical and psychological benefits, although, developing gratitude into a regular habit takes a sustained effort. Experts in the field report that, depending on how complicated, it takes 30 to 90 days to develop a new habit. Practicing gratitude, though, may enhance your personal and professional relationships in very real ways.

Are you practicing gratitude in the key relationships that make your organization tick? On the donor front, when you develop ‘donor-centered’ relationships your donors will stay committed. Your work is deeply meaningful to them. Tell them, personally, the impact of their gift. Show them the mission in action. Keep them informed. Joan Garry’s article called “How to Make Your Donors Feel Like a Million Bucks” demonstrates this idea. Donors will stick around for the long haul and become your greatest advocates if you develop meaningful relationships and show your gratitude for them.