RiteCare of Utah

RiteCare of Utah is the charitable project of Utah's Scottish Rite Masons, and provides speech-language therapy at not cost for children with disabilities, along with support training for their parents. Providing therapy for a child with a speech-language disability can be financially debilitating for families, so the demand for their service is high.

When RiteCare first came to Pathway Associates in 2014, they were in need of increased funding to hire staff so they could grow to meet the community's need. At that time, the organization consisted of a small group of part-time speech therapists managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and they had a long waiting list of children needing their help.

Pathway's customized approach recommended ongoing grant writing services to help RiteCare stabilize its revenue stream. Since then, RiteCare's funding has increased steadily and today the organization is able to retain more speech-language therapists and an Executive Director. The result for the community is that the number of children RiteCare serves annually has increased more than ten fold.

Since we began working with Pathway Associates four years ago, we have seen a 700% increase in our annual grant funding. The impact this has had on families in our community is immeasurable! We are forever grateful to Lisa Arnette and Pathway Associates.

Sarah farr
executive director, RiteCare