The McGillis School

The McGillis School Board decided to develop a strategic plan to establish goals and guided decision making over the next five years.

The Strategic Planning Committee was formed and consisted of teachers, administrative staff, parents, and board members. This composition ensured that a number of different voices from the McGillis community in Salt Lake would be represented in the final planning document.

A survey was developed to explore the ideas of our broader community regarding the future direction of the school. As the committee analyzed both the quantitative and qualitative data provided by our community, its members were particularly struck by the predominance of two broad themes that came to define the work of the planning committee. Pathway Associates guided them throughout this process to detail overarching goals, and a specific action plan for meeting overall objectives.

"Working with Pathway Associates to develop a strategic plan changed my view of consultants. Pathway made our strategic planning process fun and productive, guiding our questions and our thinking, but never letting us lose ownership of the discussion or final product."

Matt Culberson, Head of School
The McGillis School

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