Moab Regional Medical Center

When Allen Memorial Hospital in Moab, Utah began its first capital campaign, it was ill prepared: the feasibility of the campaign had not been assessed; a professional campaign plan had not been developed; major donor prospects had not been cultivated; and an influential, well connected campaign committee had not been recruited.

Even worse, the community was divided over plans for the new facility. After two years of languishing with only marginal gifts, the hospital board suspended the campaign and hired Pathway Associates to essentially restart the process.

Pathway conducted a feasibility study which helped pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the Hospital's proposal and established realistic goals. Pathway then guided staff and volunteers through a successful campaign to raise $5 million in charitable gifts and government grants. That $5 million enabled the hospital to finance the remaining funds it needed to construct a brand new 52,000 square foot, 17 bed facility. In January of 2011, the newly completed Moab Regional Medical Center opened its doors to a grateful central Utah community. Pathway Associates was specifically acknowledged during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The success of the capital campaign to build a new hospital in Moab, Utah has been nothing short of phenomenal....and we believe that it is in direct relationship with the association with Pathway.

Roy Barraclough
CEO/Administrator, Moab Regional Medical Center

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