The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is a multi-venue, family entertainment and education complex located in Lehi, Utah. When the organization set its sights on building a state of the art children’s museum, they turned to Pathway Associates for help developing a plan to raise private funds for the project.

The challenge for Pathway lay in the fact that, prior to this project, Thanksgiving Point had a very limited history of fundraising. Pathway conducted a capital campaign feasibility study and determined that the requisite funds could likely be secured through a combination of government appropriations and private contributions. Pathway then coached the team through the process of organizing a capital campaign team, cultivating the interest of capable donors and soliciting the gifts necessary for success.

In June of 2012, after a long but successful campaign, Thanksgiving Point broke ground on the new, $29 million Museum of Natural Curiosity.

I highly recommend Pathway Associates... to any organization that needs an accurate read of its fundraising potential and sound strategies for achieving that potential.

Mike Washburn
CEO, Thanksgiving Point